About Ian and Erick

ian & erick regnard aka tungsten Born in Mauritius in 1966, Ian and Erick Regnard took up their first camera as a passion to capture the ocean's underworld. Although fascinated by photography it is not until later on when their family migrated to Australia that they saw an opportunity to evolve from their basic skills. It is of their upbringing around the sea that draws them constantly back to the ocean for most of their work. Tungsten is a collaboration of both brothers on every level, from ideas, composition, direction and photography. Their work mostly concentrate on Action, Lifestyle and Portrait Photography. Their Black & white work has been showing in numerous galleries locally and around the world and their latest body of underwater work with stingrays are accumulating world wide recognitions. Their client lists includes amongst others Sport Magazine, BeachBrother, Tracks, Quiksilver, Huck, WWD, Curve, Stab, Multiplex, Billabong, Surfer, Reef, TransworldSurf, Etnies Rip Curl, Spy Optics and many more. Ian and Erick are represented by Rhoni Epstein Photo Group http://www.rhoniepstein.com